Welsh Food Alliance Cynghrair Bwyd Cymru

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Part 1. We invite your views on issues for public bodies to consider.
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a. Are gas / electricity costs affecting your food choices / cooking method in any way?
If yes, please explain
b. Do you have difficulties in getting your shopping home?
If yes, give details
c. Do you have difficulties in preparing and cooking food, or using equipment?
If yes, give details
d. During periods of bad weather, or illness, would you welcome 'Meals on Wheels' for a limited period of time?
e. Over the last 12 months what experience have you had either as a patient/client or as a carer, of food provided in a hospital and/or a residential or nursing home? (Please specify)
f. For older people at home, malnutrition can increase with ageing. Over the past 12 months what experience have you had personally or as a carer, of difficulties in buying , preparing, cooking & eating food when you/the cared for person were unwell?
g. Do you take advantage of any local activities, which include a meal, eg a lunch group?
If yes, how frequently, eg number of times per month?
h. What do you consider to be the main causes of malnutrition in an ageing population?
i. What action should be taken to tackle this issue?
j. How important is it that health and social care professions/workers are knowledgeable about food and nutrition? 1 = very important: 5 = no importance
Part 2. Food retailer issues - how important are the following to you?
Please score by clicking on button - 1. Very important --> 5. No importance
In-shop facilities
Practical aspects
Are you
Are you aged:
Size of household
Where do you live:
Do you live in a
Do you have Internet access?
Would you please tell us where you heard about this survey? Thank you
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