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?Innovation and the New Public Service? Workshops 5 and 6

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25th September 2006, 2 – 5.30 pm
Open University, 24 Cathedral Road, Cardiff

Workshops 5 and 6 – Public members on audit, inspection and regulatory bodies

Following ‘Beyond Boundaries – Citizen-Centred Local Services for Wales’ - the Beecham Review, three detailed government public consultations have been issued
·     ‘Building Better Customer Service: Core Principles for Public Services’
    * ‘Good doctors, safer patients’
    * ‘The regulation of the non-medical healthcare professionals’

They suggest strengthening institutions. However, what is needed is that they should engage more meaningfully with people, creating a true partnership between the institutions and the people of Wales.

The two final workshops in this series aim to support civic society organisations and people wishing to respond to these three consultations and to help provide a better underpinning ethos and service vision from a community perspective.

Workshop Five  2 pm – 3.15 pm
Topic: The role, contribution and accountability of lay members to a wider public.  

Facilitator - Celia Davies, former Professor of Health Care, Open University

This session builds on the research report written by Celia Davies on ‘Lay involvement in Professional Regulation: A study of public appointment-holders in the health field’ (2001).  
The following topics will be explored: -

    * Do they represent a particular constituency? Or are they appointed for their knowledge and expertise?
    * Lay members’ accountability and notions of representation – what are the mechanisms?
    * To whom do they consider themselves accountable?
    * What support do lay members require?
    * What is the expected relationship between lay members and their professional counterparts?

Workshop Six   3. 30pm – 5.30pm

UK Government Reviews of medical and non-medical regulation
Facilitator – Tony Beddow, Senior Fellow, Welsh Institute of Health and Social Care, University of Glamorgan

The purpose is twofold: -
 (1) To share information and support collective learning in terms of separate submissions to be made by different organisations from a community perspective
 (2) To explore the implications and opportunities to advance public protection through promoting and sustaining informed engagement with patients, carers, service users and the wider public. Topics to be explored are to:
 (a) Consider further the appointment and the meaning of ‘independence’ and ‘accountability’ in terms of lay members representing the public interest on healthcare audit, inspection, regulatory and related bodies in relation to the Beecham Review recommendations.
 (b) Collate views on the feasibility of producing central guidance for public and patient involvement in healthcare education, development of occupational standards, audit, inspection, regulatory and related bodies
(c) Clarify how we can develop the principles, and establish a recruitment and development strategy for growing a pool of people capable re-presenting the public interest across our public services?

Other information
 Our intended audience will be people with an interest in public engagement across all public services, service users, patient and public representative bodies. We assume that participants will attend both workshops. Workshops six spans fairly detailed recommendations. Inevitably, the knowledge of participants will vary. To make the best use of the time available, and to achieve maximum benefit from this collaborative inquiry, it will be important to obtain and read the recommendations contained in the Beecham Review and the three government consultations (see below).

To support this process, it would be very helpful if by the 20th September, participants could let us know of any particular questions to be covered in the initial briefing session for each workshop.

To maintain our independence these workshops are self funded and as usual no charge made for attendance. A good mix of participants is envisaged. Book early has space is limited. To make best use of this resource a charge will be made for non attendees. A note of the event will be circulated to participants. Administrative support provided by the Welsh Food Alliance. Please e-mail your name, role, organisation, address and telephone number if you wish to attend both workshops to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or telephone (01633) 266781. Our thanks to the facilitators and the OU for providing accommodation.


    * Workshops 3 and 4, held on 21 July 2006, focused upon ‘thinking’ and ‘working differently’ in the context of ‘Beyond Boundaries – Citizen-Centred Local Services for Wales’ - the Beecham Review. One of the key concerns raised related to the empowerment of people.
    * But what is the Beecham approach? Shared service models, more partnerships, smarter procurement, joint provision, better links between local authorities and health are welcomed.
    * Beecham calls for ‘culture change’ but seeks to do so within a continuing framework of representative democracy. Yet innumerable Assembly Ministerial statements are concerned with empowerment.
    * In these various consultations is a cultural change required that brings a more outward ‘participatory’ democracy in which people are more actively engaged and involved?
    * These two workshops respond to Beecham’s call for (paragraph 6.7) a “much more rapid and far reaching transformation in public services than has been achieved to date”.
    * The Beecham Review can be obtained from: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or telephone 029 20801384.
    * ‘Customer Service Core Principles and Good Practice Guidance’ can be obtained from telephone: 029 2082 6263 or at http://www.wales.gov.uk/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it If you have any difficulty in accessing these documents please let us know.
    * Arising from the Shipman Inquiry, the review of medical regulation was conducted by Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer for England. His report, ‘Good doctors, safer patients’, along with the parallel departmental review of non-medical professional regulation, focuses upon the protection of the interests and safety of patients. Copies of the former from the Dept of Health hotline 08701 555 455. Quote reference 276071. The non-medical document reference is 273520. http://www.dh.gov.uk/Consultations/LiveConsultations/LiveConsultationsArticle/fs/en?CONTENT_ID=4137231&chk=/Ee/%2Bi <http://www.dh.gov.uk/Consultations/LiveConsultations/LiveConsultationsArticle/fs/en?CONTENT_ID=4137231&amp;chk=/Ee/%2Bi
    * We understand that the Office of the Chief Medical Officer is planning three facilitated consultations on the two UK reviews, 0primarily aimed at healthcare professionals, to help inform the response of the Welsh Assembly Government. These are planned for 19th September (North Wales) and 27th September (SE Wales) and one other in October 2006.