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Open Discussion: Co-operative solutions and social care

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Open Discussion: Dignity in Care, Co-operative solutions and social care          
 26th February, 2 - 4 pm,
Open University in Wales, near Cardiff Station. Apply Here

Credit Unions provide access to financial services.  Promotion and support for a wide range of mutuality organisations is strongly supported in the ‘One Wales’ agreement.

•    Could a mutuality model provide an efficient way to deliver home based cleaning services to make community care a reality in Wales?
•    What pilots are taking place in England and with what results?
•    What can we learn in developing our own solutions in Wales?

 We are fortunate that several participants are actively engaged in community and co-operative development in England, including consultant Mick Taylor, who is involved with five pilots being funded by the Department of Health (England).

We can manage a maximum of 24 people and aim to have an inclusive mix of participants, including service users and those with planning and commissioning expertise.

One outcome will be a short publication, which could be used to advance this aspect of Dignity in Care in Wales.

Come and join this discussion about how we take a Welsh based initiative forward.

Apply Here or Telephone (01633) 26678, if you wish to reserve a place, providing name, organisation (if any), address, e-mail, or phone number and we will get back to you.

The Co-operative Movement

We are with Kofi Annan when he says:
"The co-operative movement is one of the largest organized segments of civilised society, and plays a crucial role across a wide spectrum of human aspiration and need.  Co-operatives provide vital health, housing and banking services; they promote education and general equality; they protect the environment and workers' rights.  Through these and a range of other activities, they help people in more than a hundred countries better their lives and those of their communities."

Dignity in Care in Wales

Having a warm, comfortable, secure home that is regularly cleaned is an essential requirement for a good preventative service and will prevent many people going into residential care, which is costly and increasingly unavailable and assure Dignity in Care.

Hilda Smith, a long-standing co-operator, comments:

Why is it that co-operative development in social care has not been more effectively developed in Wales to face a changing and challenging situation? Appropriate action is now required.

There is nothing more soul destroying, especially for women living alone, to see the home that she has cared for needing care and attention that she is no longer able to provide. What happens to widowers without support and help?

The answer is not medication for depression, but to find out the root cause of the depression and to do something about it.

Any solution must be under their control and affordable in meeting their particular needs and circumstances.

In a cleaning service co-operative, members join and pay for services rendered, either with or without state support, depending on the situation and circumstances of the service user, but this will be under the strict control and accountability to members, as all co-operatives are.

To join a local co-operative organisation that meets its member needs and fulfils the requirement of mutual support is the basis of co-operation and organisation.

With the future prospect, as in England, of a social care agenda that is increasingly personalised and restricted, such a form of co-operative provision will be required.

Best employment practices will be used, as co-operative are also an ethical organisation, where members, significantly, will feel safe as part of a controlled organisation, but one of which they as a member, or their nominee can vote, for example, at annual members meetings.

An honest, fair trading organisation will be available for older and disabled people, and people employed will be valued by the organisation.

This is "Dignity in Care' in action and should be part of the agenda for enabling autonomy, accountability and independence, improved community based services and hopefully contribute to the public service agenda in Wales and Older Peoples National Service Framework proposals for the future.


Co-operation - the beautiful idea.

Edgar Parnell  today launched his new booklet, Co-operation - the beautiful idea.  Edgar states "my aim is to provide clear and contemporary explanations about ‘co-operation’, its role and potential within the economy - and how to make it work in practice. This new guide also seeks to address the organisational defects that often inhibit the growth and development of many forms of economic enterprise, but specifically focuses on all forms of co-operative and mutual enterprise (CMEs).

You may order at:  www.co-oppundit.org/publications <http://www.co-oppundit.org/publications> To sample or purchase the eBook version please see: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/41342 <http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/41342>