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Older People's Food Summit Programme

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Welsh Food Alliance, in association with Mature Times
Background and Programme (download here as PDF) (WORD, In English and Welsh)
Older People’s Food Summit
Date: Wednesday 18th March 2009, 9.45 am – 1pm at The National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay

The primary aim of this unique Summit is to support and contribute to a UK-wide dialogue and practical
initiatives involving older people and nutrition in a rapidly ageing population. In particular, we will focus on
opportunities for grass-roots action both at devolved and regional levels of Government in the following

• To prevent malnutrition
• Make shopping easier, and
• Enable people to live autonomous independent lives within a community setting
According to Government guidelines, older people either in residential care settings or in receipt of local
government services who are malnourished are deemed as suffering from abuse through neglect and/or

In this Summit we will therefore focus on:

• The neglect of nutrition in both institutional and community settings, and
• The need for older people to have a voice in how their practical needs can be met in accessing
proper nutrition on a daily basis in an autonomous independent living environment
We aim to:

1 Highlight demographic trends, food culture and ‘connectivity’ in enabling relevant organisations
to support improved quality of life and wellbeing of a diverse ageing population.

2 Summarise and present a report to those involved in education, public procurement,
commissioning, audit, inspection, regulation and human rights.

3 Present what older people say about food related issues and their practical suggestions to
overcome barriers in accessing nutritious food from food retailers and other associated parties.

4 Evaluate the opportunities and contribution of wider public sector bodies and others,
including transport, community care, education, housing, neighbourhood planning, physical activity
and the environment, in enabling accessible, nutritious and pleasurable food consumption.

5 Articulate opportunities and action planning: building towards future action with increased
‘connectivity’ in the design of human services to address growing malnutrition in a diverse ageing
population and the wellbeing of older vulnerable people.

We have deliberately timed the summit to coincide with the publication of the Welsh Assembly Government
‘Quality of Food Action Plan 2009’, the British Nutrition Foundation ‘Nutrition and Healthy Ageing’
conference 2009, and the Westminster seminar ‘Nutrition and the Elderly 2009’.


A wide range of significant contributors and speakers has been invited to attend from England, Scotland, N.
Ireland and Wales, including older people. One major food retailer has already agreed to attend and we
hope others will join us.

Welsh Food Alliance In association with

Programme -Older People’s Food Summit

9.45 am – 9.55 am
Welcome from Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas AC/AM, Presiding Officer, the National Assembly for Wales, who
has kindly agreed to host the Summit

9.55 am – 10.20 am SESSION ONE
Scene setting – 'The Balance of Life’.
This will highlight current demographic trends, the role of food culture, and the significance of devolved and
local government in ensuring ‘connectivity’ and in enabling public, private and third sector organisations to
promote and support improved quality of life and wellbeing of vulnerable older people. Aim 1
Speakers: Professor Jim Edwardson, Chair, North East England Regional Forum on Ageing and former
Director, Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University.

10.20 am – 10.45 am SESSION TWO
Public sector role and contribution -food provision services.
A report on progress in respect of public procurement, commissioning, inspection, and human rights,
including community services, hospitals, nursing and residential homes. Aim 2

Speaker: Louis Levy PhD RPHNutr, Branch Head Nutrition Division, Food Standards Agency

10.45 am – 10.55 am Refreshment break
10.55 am – 11.45 am SESSION THREE
What do older people have to say about food related issues which impact on their lives?
Here we will present our findings on what older people themselves say about food related issues, and their
suggestions to overcome barriers experienced by an ageing population in accessing essential nutritious
food. This session will also engage with UK food retailers and draw upon our 2009 Older People’s Food
Survey, supported by Age organisations and the Mature Times newspaper. Aim 3

Speaker: David Smith, Food Policy Adviser, Welsh Food Alliance.

11.45 am – 12.20 pm SESSION FOUR
Evaluating the contribution of the wider public sector bodies and others.
The enabling of accessible, nutritious and pleasurable food consumption, as well as non-food related issues
such as: transport, community care, professional health regulation, housing, education, physical activity,
neighbourhood planning, and the environment, will be addressed from the unique perspective of Kevin
Morgan, Professor of Governance and Development, School of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff
University. Aim 4

12.20 pm – 1.00 pm SESSION FIVE
Demographic change and wellbeing: opportunities and action planning
Building towards future action with increased ‘connectivity’ in the design of human services, strengthening
devolved, regional and local government, human rights and the citizens’ voice. Aim 5

This session will be co-chaired by Ruth Marks, the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, and Dr Neil
Wooding, the Equalities and Human Rights Commissioner for Wales.




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