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Report: The new Wales NHS II consultation

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Revitalising NHS Democracy
A report of the only open public event on making a reality of the Health and Social Care Ministers commitment to revitalising democracy. Download it here as a PDF or browse it online here.

This public conversation was held on Thursday, 29 January 2009,  at the Open University in Wales, Cardiff.

This report includes reference to the CHC Review, published 30th January 2009, ‘Audit, Inspection and Regulation in Wales’, ‘Local Authority Social Services Inspection, Evaluation and Review Process – A New Framework’,  the Unification of Public Health Services in Wales’ consultations, but not the CHRE Health Professional Regulators Performance Review criteria. Please note the original text has been amended to illustrate the relevance of establishing a cross organisational Citizen Engagement strategy, including the new Public Health Wales NHS Trust and CSSIW.


Co-operation - the beautiful idea.

Edgar Parnell  today launched his new booklet, Co-operation - the beautiful idea.  Edgar states "my aim is to provide clear and contemporary explanations about ‘co-operation’, its role and potential within the economy - and how to make it work in practice. This new guide also seeks to address the organisational defects that often inhibit the growth and development of many forms of economic enterprise, but specifically focuses on all forms of co-operative and mutual enterprise (CMEs).

You may order at:  www.co-oppundit.org/publications <http://www.co-oppundit.org/publications> To sample or purchase the eBook version please see: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/41342 <http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/41342>