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Full Report: The new Wales NHS II consultation

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Article Index
Full Report: The new Wales NHS II consultation
1. Introduction
2. Citizen Engagement (CE)
3. LHB Board appointments and Citizen Engagement (CE)
4. New
5. Minimise overlap and duplication
6. Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG)
Model One - Citizens Engagement Forum
Model Two - modified SRG
The third model
7. Commissioning
8. Political and social legitimacy
9. Accountability and resources
10. Citizen engagement, the new Wales NHS
11. The Professional Forum (PF)
Advisory Group Functions
12. Initial Conclusion
13. Following the workshop - reflections on the CHC review document
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Revitalising NHS Democracy
A report of the only open public event on making a reality of the Health and Social Care Ministers commitment to revitalising democracy. Download it here as a PDF.

This public conversation was held on Thursday, 29 January 2009,  at the Open University in Wales, Cardiff.

This report includes reference to the CHC Review, published 30th January 2009, ‘Audit, Inspection and Regulation in Wales’, ‘Local Authority Social Services Inspection, Evaluation and Review Process – A New Framework’,  the Unification of Public Health Services in Wales’ consultations, but not the CHRE Health Professional Regulators Performance Review criteria. Please note the original text has been amended to illustrate the relevance of establishing a cross organisational Citizen Engagement strategy, including the new Public Health Wales NHS Trust and CSSIW.

Note of a public meeting to consider NHS II consultation paper: 'Delivering the New NHS in Wales', Open University in Wales, 29th January 2009.
Attendees: Gwyneth Brywnant Jones, Ron Walton, David Smith, Max Wallis, Marcus Longley, Lorraine Morgan and Kevin Pascoe
Apologies & evidence from Emrys Roberts, Hilda Smith, Susan Maddox and others.
Apologies: Rebecca Thomas